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working at Clifton

Clifton is a fast growing, sales led company that has more opportunities than you can shake a stick at! If you're good at your job, you'll get told, and you'll love the rewards that it brings.

If you are interested in a position at Clifton, please send an email to [email protected]

Current Vacancies 
Clifton Roles Depot Manager Detail

Depot Manager

Our managers don't sit in the stand wearing a suit – they're by the side of the pitch in a tracksuit! And if they don't get out on the pitch at some stage during the match they're not happy. And that includes the ladies!

Their job is to make sure the team is set up well, that the team knows what to do & how to do it.

Our best managers don't know anything much about bathrooms when they join us, but they're quick learners, they know how to motivate people and how to get the best out of them. They're friendly, funny, and the sun is usually shining where they are!

You've probably got a background in general sales, possibly with a merchant or with retail or in telesales. You'll get on well with your customers so they'll be in most weeks, even if it's just for a coffee. If you're miserable, it's not for you.

Clifton Roles Account Manager Detail

Account Manager

Like the Depot Manager – you want to be on the pitch for all 90 minutes. And when the manager's not there – you're in charge! You've got 200 customers that love you & shop with you regularly, plus another 100 that love you as well – they just don't know it yet!

When you've got that other 100 to love you, without losing any of the first 200, you're probably gonna be ready to be a Depot Manager yourself!

You're going to spend your day either serving your customers on the Trade Counter, or on the phone checking what they're up to.

Again – no bathroom experience needed, but you're happy to put a shift in & you're full of enthusiasm, energy and ambition.

Clifton Roles Operations Manager Detail

Operations Manager

To be good in this job, you need to be an all-rounder!

The main job role is managing stock. Count it in, count it out. Don't lose it. Don't break it.

Plus, you like dealing with people, and you want to serve on the Trade counter when you're not busy with the stock. And if a customer's got a problem, you want to get it fixed.

You've probably worked in a warehouse before, but this is different. We are a small team, so you're going to help out wherever you're needed.

Some of our best Depot Managers started in Operations, so this is a job with a future - if you've got the potential.

Clifton Roles Sales Business Developer Detail

Sales Business Developer Now Recruiting

The reason Clifton is one of the fastest growing bathroom companies is because we are always getting new customers, and we keep the ones we've got!

The Business Developer is a vital part of getting new customers.

He, or she, will spend most of their day speaking to people that will have heard of us, but not shopped with us in the last year, or maybe ever. You'll use the details we hold on record to decide how to get that customer to 'give us a go' on their next job.

You don't always get 'yes' answers in sales jobs, but you're a winner, you're resilient and you know that the next call is just bound to give you a result!

You may have had experience in a telesales role before, or you may have worked in a customer service environment, in retail, or in a pub or restaurant.

If anyone's ever told you 'You can talk for England' then come on down!

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Clifton Roles New Business Representative Detail

New Business Representative Now Recruiting

Out on the road in your company van all day, with the wind in your hair – if you've got any!

Your job is to find new customers where they work. To stop & talk to them & explain what's great about Clifton & why they should 'Give us a Go!'

You're going to get out of your van 20-30 times a day to speak to someone in a white van with a pipe box on the roof – or a builder at the petrol station on his way to work.

Or you're going to watch which traders are shopping with the competition, then have a word with them to see what we have to do to get their next job.

You'll love the freedom out on the road, but it's a numbers game – you've got to get your target for quality prospects every day. And quality means they'll turn into new customers. No pressure!

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Our Values

Clifton People Values

At Clifton we believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

As Cliftonites we SHARE success.

We share financial success based on growth and improvement.

On BALANCE we reap what we sow.

We believe in Karma - do good things and good things will come to you :).

It's FUN - we love but we're never mean.

We love humour - we laugh at ourselves, poke fun but don't hurt.

If we fall, we LEARN as we go.

We fail our way forward and ask forgiveness not permission.

Our STRENGTH keeps us standing against all odds.

We are resilient, if we get knocked down we get up again.

By rewarding our best you GROW.

We promote from within on merit.

With all this - we will succeed.


Watch this video about our Clifton People Values

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