About Us

Design & manufacture

We know that installing a new bathroom in your home is a big decision. You want your bathroom to look beautiful and to work perfectly. We offer you a range of the best classic and contemporary European designs that have been sourced to give you a great choice and great quality.

Ethical sourcing

We work with a small number of mainly UK based suppliers to bring you bathroom products that are stylish and reliable.

We have a close relationship with these suppliers, because we have been sourcing our products from most of them since we started in business.

We know that we can rely on them, and you can rely on us. 

Price star rating

Our products are designed so that you can mix and match from any range to create your own look. This makes pricing your bathroom complicated, so the best thing is for you to call in to your local Clifton depot where we will help you. As a guide, we have 'star rated' each range according to price.

 Affordable quality. Stylish designs that will fit most budgets.

 Luxurious design and quality that costs a little more.

 Premium products, the ultimate in design and style.

Come and see us so we can help you achieve a beautiful bathroom at the best possible price >