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underfloor heating

underfloor heating

12 Years Guarantee New


make your room feel as good as it looks


The ultimate affordable luxury, underfloor heating brings that cosy and homely feel to your bathroom.

It's an easy to install, highly economical and maintenance-free system. 

It makes all the difference to the comfort you feel when stepping into your bathroom. 

We have a range of systems suitable for all types of flooring, with programmable settings and energy monitors. 

We have a wide selection of controllers to choose from all of which are programmable.

Our dual controllers can also operate another device such as an electric towel rail.

We have a variety of mat sizes to fill any space. Just call into your local depot and our experienced staff will help you find what you need. 

Wish List glass white underfloor heating controller YUCHCGW
Wish List glass black underfloor heating controller YUCHCGB
Wish List dual white underfloor heating controller YUCHCDW
Wish List 3m x 0.5m underfloor heating mat YUCHM3
Wish List 4m x 0.5m underfloor heating mat YUCHM4
Wish List 5m x 0.5m underfloor heating mat YUCHM5
Wish List 6m x 0.5m underfloor heating mat YUCHM6
Wish List 7m x 0.5m underfloor heating mat YUCHM7
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