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What to think about when buying pottery


A bathroom isn’t a bathroom without pottery as all bathrooms have a toilet and a basin.

There is so much choice out there in the market for what on the surface appears to all be the same - white and ceramic.

The thing to remember is that these items are the functional elements of your bathroom and the choice you make matters for look but more importantly for use over the many years that your new bathroom will last. So how do you choose what is right for you?


1.       Why is there such a wide price range?

Materials and manufacturing play a big part as different clays and casting methods affect production costs and therefore price.

Darker clays are cheaper, but they require dense glaze to make them white. This can result in a very thick coating that can easily run and dry with drips. What this means to us is that the finish isn’t as refined and streamlined.

Some factories only half glaze the products. This makes the product cheaper to buy but the exposed areas can absorb water and have sharp edges.

Casting is an art. Straight lines are harder to cast than curves so square pottery is often more expensive. Also, chunky squares are easier to create than tapers. Hence why beautiful tapered squares are often the most expensive pottery you can buy.


Casting also plays a large part in the functionality of toilets and can determine whether it has a good all-round bowl flush or not. Also, the gubbins inside can vary widely in terms of quality and specification. Cheaper cistern fittings can result in poor flush action and may not have a very long-life span. It’s not the nicest thing to talk about but your toilet will be the most used item you have in your bathroom but is often the least considered purchase.           

At Clifton Trade Bathrooms we offer a wide price range of pottery to suit all budgets, but you can rest assured that they are all from great factories, have great guarantees and that you are getting great value. 


2.       Styles and Sizes

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our homes and can come with some interesting challenges around space and shape. There is a range of pottery to suit every person’s needs at Clifton.

 Basin sizes range from 40cm to 60cm and can choose between full pedestals for a floor standing option or semi pedestals and bottle traps for a wall hanging option that make cleaning much easier.

Toilet projections range from 60cm – 75cm so we have something for every space. Choose from the following styles:

-          Open back – the most common type of toilet as they are cost effective and suit most installations

-          Flush to wall – look great because they hide the pipes and are easy to clean. They aren’t suitable for all installations as it depends on soil pipe accessibility – our depot staff or your fitter will know :)

-          Back to wall – for use with furniture. They are popular because the gubbins and pipes are hidden in the furniture.

-          Wall hanging – often the choice in hotels and restaurants because all the gubbins and pipes are hidden behind the wall and the fact they are off the floor makes they very easy to clean.


We also have an ‘Ease’ range which is designed for people who can’t get around like they used to. Ease toilets are 8cm higher than an ordinary toilet and the basins are wall hanging so they can be set at a comfortable height for you.


Installing a new bathroom can be costly and we don’t expect to be doing it again for a long time. This is why it is important to buy products that give you the best value for your budget.

When you are not an expert it is difficult to know what best value looks like. The guarantee will reflect the standard of materials and manufacturing process but it’s always best to get some expert advice.

All Clifton pottery comes with a Lifetime guarantee to give you complete ease of mind and our depot staff have loads of knowledge and are always happy to share it and help.

We hope this guide will help you know what to look out for when buying pottery for your new bathroom and we hope to see you in a Clifton depot soon. 

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