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Concealed shower valves: A hidden beauty in any bathroom

As bathroom renovations continue to grow, concealed shower valves are all-the-rage and the likelihood of a customer requesting what looks to be a simple, stylish feature from a bathroom fitter is on the rise.

Offering a more elegant, yet also minimalist look compared to an exposed shower valve – a newly renovated bathroom featuring a concealed shower is sure to bounce right back into 2018.

Once installed, they require the least maintenance, and have the power to reflect those high-end designer bathrooms we see dotted throughout the glossy home decor magazines.

However, it’s often the modern and sleek bathroom styles that are the most expensive. This is due to the additional, yet necessary work involved in concealing components, and therefore concealed showers are not always suitable for all applications. That’s why it’s important to speak to an experienced bathroom fitter before you buy.

Clifton Trade Bathroom’s team of experts are on-hand to help and give advice when it comes to choosing a concealed shower valve.

Concealed shower valve


How to choose a concealed shower valve

At Clifton Trade Bathrooms, we supply bathroom fitters with a wide range of luxury concealed shower valves to suit all customer needs, including concealed valves that can operate with lower pressures and valves specially designed to fit small cavities.

With a 12 year guarantee, our brassware is of the highest standards, and can be used together with any of our fixed heads, slide rail kits and mini shower kits.


To get in touch with one of our trade bathroom experts, visit or get in touch with your nearest showroom.

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