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Clifton Trade Bathrooms Trade Trusted Quality

At Clifton Trade Bathrooms, quality is one of the four cornerstones of our business.

Your fitter has recommended Clifton because we bring together high-quality bathroom products with great customer service. Most importantly, our quality standards mean that you won't have problems afterwards, so they won't have to come back to fix them for you.


Understanding differences in the quality of bathroom products


The quality of product ranges vary greatly within the internet. We understand that it is very difficult for customers to understand the differences between taps priced at £40 and taps priced at £80, for example.

The main difference can be the chrome coverage which affects the lifespan of the tap. Below shows the difference it can make. 

^Image above shows wear over 10 years

 Our products

At Clifton, our whole business is based around our cornerstones, one of which is Trade Trusted Quality. 

We demand a no call-back quality from our suppliers, if a product doesn’t meet your standards then it’s out! When fitting Clifton's products, you'll fit quality products all tested thoroughly before they reach you.

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Star Rating System

We offer a product range that caters for all budgets, our star rating system lets our customers choose products based on their price and quality.

* Affordable quality and stylish design
** Luxurious design and quality
*** The ultimate in design and style


Quality trade bathroom supplies

To view our range of high quality bathroom suites, tiles, basins or toilets, have a look at our website and add your favourite products to the wishlist. Or why not visit your local Clifton depot and test the quality for yourself.

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