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handsets, hoses and rails

handsets, hoses and rails

Guarantee 12 Year

Create your own slide rail with a choice of rails, handsets and hoses. 

handsets, hoses and rails
Wish List luxury round slide rail @SHLSRR
Wish List luxury square slide rail SHLSRS
Wish List luxury cylinder 1 function handset SHLHSC1
Wish List luxury round 1 function handset SHLHSR1
Wish List luxury square 1 function handset SHLHSS1
Wish List luxury round 3 function handset SHLHSR3
Wish List luxury square 3 function handset SHLHSS3
Wish List luxury chrome shower hose standard bore SHLHOS
Wish List luxury chrome shower hose large bore SHLHOL
Wish List luxury smooth shower hose SHLHOSM
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