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furniture handles

furniture handles


You can choose from our selection of handles to customise your furniture to suit the look and style of your bathroom.


Wish List fitted bow handles FUAH932
Wish List fitted square knob FUAH73
Wish List fitted satin knob FUAH4
Wish List vanity and fitted bar handle FUAH70
Wish List vanity and fitted d-handle FUAH38
Wish List vanity and fitted large bow handle FUAL221
Wish List vanity and fitted diamond handle FUAL18
Wish List vanity and fitted pewter handle FUAL22
Wish List large bar handle FUALBH
Wish List large diamond handle FUAL124
Wish List Brushed nickel pull knob FUAL424
Wish List Gold soft d-handle FUAL728
Wish List Nickle soft d-handle FUAL733
Wish List Black soft d-handle FUAL732
Wish List 400 Small black pull handle FUAL419
Wish List 600 Large black pull handle FUAL418
Wish List Large Skinny Bar Handle FUALSBH
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