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Keeping us all Safe and Working

We are OPEN and IN-STOCK supporting essential trade workers.

Each of our local depots will be fully stocked and trading safely and lawfully.

What we are doing:

Hands - regular hand and work station sanitising.
Face - face coverings in the depot and counter screens.
Space - 2m rule and limited people in depot.

What you can do:

Hands - please use the hand sanitisers in depot.
Face - please wear face coverings in depot when possible. 
Space - please try and keep to the 2m rule and people limits in depot.

We are doing this daily for our teams and for all visitors to the depot.
You'll just get a quick zap from the temperature gun:

Green to be seen, Yellow's a bit mellow (So we'll give it another go) and if you’re Red, in truth you should be in bed!

Email your local depot for your FREE Trading Safely Customer Leaflets

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