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avior oak countertop

avior oak countertop

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Countertop basins are very stylish and can give you that boutique look found in hotels and restaurants. You can position your tap, to the side, at a corner or centered at the back of the basin dependent on the basin you choose. You can also mix the worktop colours to create a 'two-tone' effect from any of our countertop ranges. Choose from our selection of basins and handles to suit the look and style of your bathroom. 

Wish List avior oak 80cm wall mounted counter @FMAVCTOWM8
Wish List avior oak 55cm wall mounted counter @FMAVCTOWM
Wish List avior oak 55cm floorstanding counter @FMAVCTOFS
Wish List avior oak 55cm double door counter @FMAVCTODD
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